Silver Sussex


Bovan Nera Hens

The Silver Sussex is very similar in lloks to its pur ebred counterparts. It has a predominently black body and silver/white neck and chest feathering. The amount of light colour feathers varies from one individual to another. She will lay around 280 eggs per year, her eggs are more of a cream colour.

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Silver Sussex Hens

HEN SIZE: Medium/Large

COLOUR: Black with varying amounts of white feathers around the head, neck and hackles.  Some are almost totally black, others have a lot of white.

EGGS: Up to 280 per year

EGG COLOUR: Light to mid brown.

CHARACTER: Usually nice, friendly hens.

RUN REQUIREMENTS: Free range of in a run.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Pied Suffolk, Black Pearl, Reverse Sussex, Sussex Rock, Pied, Daisybelle.




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