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Welcome to JC Chickens, for all of your chickens needs. We are located between Bristol and Bath in a peaceful and scenic location. We are a husband and wife team who started 7 years ago with a few hens to give us fresh eggs.

Great New Product Resist-a-Mite

helps keep the mites at bay it’s 100% natural / organic and improves the natural resistance of all avian species against red mites. It stimulates an immune response in birds, helping create a natural repellent in the blood which is indigestible for mites. As blood coagulates within the mite, it dries and can no longer affect the birds.

It does not kill red mites directly. The natural repellent created in the birds blood due to the ingestion of Resist-a-Mite repel red mites. They can no longer feed and do not pose a threat to the birds. This is administered through drinking water.  Available here @ £25 

  • 1ml per Litre of drinking water for 4/5 consecutive days monthly. @ 250ml bottle it will last for months!

We sell a variety of point of lay Hybrids, Bantams and Large Fowl. They are 16-20 weeks old and fully vaccinated. The Hybrids are really hardy and a good all round hens with lots of colours to choose from. We have a varied range of bantams including Silkies and blue egg layers and dark egg layers and many more! Large Fowl are some of the most beautiful hens you can get we only have a few in at the moment but next year we are planning on many more if you cant find what you want get in touch and we will try and help you out.

If we don’t have what you are looking for in stock, then we will always try our best to source if on your behalf. We are DEFRA registered, more information about which can be found by clicking the logo to the right.

We are open 7 days a week, 10am – 7pm All year round . We are open all Bank Holidays, except for (Christmas Eve half day), Christmas Day, Boxing Day, (New Years Eve Half day) and New Years Day .

***ATT First Delivery of Hens coming in tomorrow available on Saturday new product instock now for getting rid of those pesky MITE'S!!!!!!!! *** Dismiss